*The Allonsy Files* is back … -ish

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Personal

Well Allonsy Files never really left, the lady behind it just stopped updating…then Posterous decided to stop being around…then I wasn’t sure where to move things….. and other stuff happened….I’ve had a really busy year, okay? I realized something whilst fiddling with settings and whatnot at the new place, and this is probably something some of my readers have asked themselves before too, not in the exact words, but – can this woman write a post that is shorter than 1000 words? YeahNoMaybe….? Let’s try this now…


Anywhoo, busy year, like I said. Aside a host of personal issues I won’t go into here because this isn’t the right place for it; some key things that have happened since the last time I updated this blog: I’m closer to finishing up my second master’s and I’m on a scholarship. \o/ and I finally went to the USA – twice! (yes…you know it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your blog when, if you’re me and generally don’t travel that much, you manage to travel long distance twice over the time period between updates. Talk about putting things off! Hey, I was busy! And not with a social life, that’s still non-existent aside the monthly TwitBookClub meetings)

Places I went to: Atlanta, GA for the Arab-US Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE) Conference that was originally supposed to be held in UAE, but then things happened. I posed the question to my lecturer wondering about the possibility of going for the conference, next thing I know I got a 3-year visa to the US. Huzzah! I even got a chance to present one of my papers proposing research into Social Media Use in Education in the UAE. Nothing like less than 30 minutes of prep time, but it went well. So that’s always good. And Atlanta is a nice place to visit, albeit it was close to Thanksgiving, and the weather wasn’t something I was totally used to, but fortunately I channeled Nick Fury dress-sense wise (the badass coat, not the eyepatch and all…) We did the CNN HQ tour, amongst a bunch of other things.

Got to spend Thanksgiving & my birthday (they fell on the same day last year, no way I wasn’t going to take that opportunity) with one of my best friends in US, in Louisville, KY. Also a bonus! Wish I had more time there though, it was a bit of a ‘celebrate and run’ as this entire trip was during a semester at uni. But the good news doesn’t come alone, whilst I was in US, my cat passed away from Fibrosarcoma. So there’s that. I knew it was coming, and soon, given prognosis and things, but it still wasn’t any easier to take the news.

And upon my return, I ended up messing up my back quite badly, something that I’m still struggling with on and off. It moved to my shoulder as well as the entire right side, depending on what I do. Results of many years of being a douche to my body. Well, job hazards really. It is quite annoying to have to take extra care and limit myself in a lot of ways with regards to things I would normally do. I can’t be getting THAT old! Geez!

Did several guest lectures around my university, talking communication, body language and presentation skills with the undergraduates.  And another one talking about media and technology in my Media Management class last semester.  Wherein I used Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog to illustrate an experiment in exploring if original media content created specifically for online distribution could be financially viable (not only was it viable, but it was also super awesome and quite a phenomenon, netting awards like the Hugo, People’s Choice and even a Primetime Creative Emmy).  Took it a step further to illustrate convergence media (Henry Jenkins’ work) and what it means for the modern media organizations.  i.e the shift in power from media producers to the audience – a.k.a. the fans. This is a topic I could potentially go on and on about in much greater detail. Maybe I should write a book on that, I might at some point, need to time manage things better first. Than and I need a couple of minions to help out with the day-to-day stuff I do.

Skip to August 2013, right after submission of final assignments for the semester, another trip to USA, this time to Washington DC for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Conference. Where I was part of a panel, moderated by Dr Alma Kadragic, talking Press Freedom Principles: Do They Work in the Middle East? First panel I was involved in, probably not the last one.  Got to see a bit of DC too, it’s a place I could probably stay around for a while just so I can explore all the sights and museums and everything. Then it was onto Miami, Florida for a week or so. Well Miami and Orlando too. Yep, I did visit a few of the theme parks and the like in Orlando, but I’m not much of a theme park kinda person, I guess. But it was nice to just have a wander around and see the sights and enjoy the views and things, really. I do have to say that I’ve had more than my share of Mickey Mouse ears. If I see those things on anyone’s head, I may be inclined to use those wearing the ears as target practice.

Other than that, and I’m trying to keep it brief here before this turns into a lengthy post….or are we quite beyond that now? Oh Well. Allons-y! I’m back and I hope to update this thing more frequently than I used to before. Do feel free to poke me on Twitter or in the comments on here. *crickets chirp* Allright-y then….


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